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Yoga***:  The Yoga classes are therapeutic in the Viniyoga tradition.  Modified postures, slow intentional movement breath work and internal focus combined to help you find the perfect balance of gentle stretching and strengthening.  Stabilize your musculoskeletal system and relive tight areas that may be causing pain and discomfort.  Refer below for more information on Viniyoga.  

Core Yoga:  Build a strong foundation by developing the basic functions of your core, stability, lateral movement, twisting and forward bending.  Learn to activate your musculature appropriately, allowing you to participate in daily activities or sport powerfully and pain free.  Increase your muscle and joint endurance, mobility and flexibility and improve your balance.  Utilization of the breath and props such as foam rollers, straps and blocks will enhance the effects of the movement.

*** The Viniyoga tradition strives to serve the needs, interests and capacity of each student.  Movements are coordinated with the breath to enhance their effectiveness and postures are sequenced to maximize a particular effect such as back strengthening and shoulder mobility.  Viniyoga moves in and out of postures repeatedly before holding to ensure your body is prepared thereby reducing risk of injury or strain.  The emphasis on each posture is on its intent and benefit for your body, not on a predetermined form.  Viniyoga is user-friendly and customizes to your personal needs.

10 visit punch pass Members $120 / Non-Members $150 / Drop-in $18 per class  



Cathy Brown-Berry          

970 - 481 - 4518                                           


Printable Class Schedule

   Yoga Instructor Cathy

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