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The Other Club offers corporate health and wellness programs to small businesses who are interested in improving their employees’ health.  The Other Club’s Health Improvement Program teaches preventative health and improved lifestyle practices.


Small Business Wellness 1 - 2 - 3 Programs - Improving Health A Step At A Time


Program 1:  Employee Membership Program - Minimum 8 Employees

-  $25 per employee monthly fee (paid monthly by employer) 

-  6 month contract required

-  Each employee pays a 1x fee of $25 for door access card


Program 2:  Employee Membership Program w/ Personal Trainer

-  Includes a Personal Trainer 1 x per month (fitness test, weigh and  trainer consultation)

-  Extra Trainer time fee $40 per hour (discounted rate) 

Program 3:  Award and Incentives Program 

-  6 week Wellness Incentive Program with top 3 participants receiving a grand prize

-  Employer chooses the awards 

-  Employees are eligible to win for meeting workout requirements

Spouses can be added for $20 per month


Other wellness program options are available and can include access to classes, wellness workshops and the Fitter Fort Collins Your Health Matters Wellness Program at discounted prices.  Rossiter Connective Tissue Stretching for employees suffering from repetitive use injuries can also be arranged.


Other perks include:  Access to Club facilities seven days a week in off hours. No crowds! 
For more information regarding The Other Club’s Health & Wellness program contact Bud Phillips, owner, @ 970 - 221 - 4348.



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