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Fitter Fort Collins is a lifestyle and health program committed to educating the community about the health benefits of proactive self-care through science based wholesome nutrition and fitness for life, and serves the Fort Collins and surrounding communities.


The program is designed to benefit community members struggling with the effects of the Standard American Diet that often results in lifestyle diseases such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease, gall bladder disease, high blood pressure, certain cancers, and more. After extensive research and involvement in the Health and Wellness community, Fitter Fort Collins has determined that there is a dire need for a science based, easy to follow program providing vital information to the demographic ready to make changes in their health and wellness. Our philosophy is to help people understand the consequences of poor lifestyle choices, starting from where they are, and helping them make the necessary steps to prevent, or improve health while benefiting our planet and community simultaneously.


Want to lose weight?

Want to improve your fitness?

Want to improve your nutrition?

Want to break unhealthy habits?


Fitter Fort Collins offers the Your Health Matters Health & Wellness Program which bridges the gaps between exercise, nutrition and behavior modification. The program includes motivating, measurable and effective behavior modification techniques that break unhealthy cycles and get you on the path to lifelong heath and wellness!


The Your Health Matters Health & Wellness Program is divided into two sections: FITNESS & NUTRITION


 Your Health Matters Health & Wellness FITNESS

The Fitness Class series is a fun, motivational exercise program for people of all fitness levels.



All workout sessions are taught by Nancy Stilson-Herzog, an experienced certified personal trainer.


Exercise Sessions Include:

-  Cardio training using a variety of cardiovascular machines: treadmills, bikes, elliptical trainers and more.


-  Strength training using hammer strength equipment, free weights, resistance bands, TRX straps, fitballs          and more.


-  Classes include core strength, balance training, and a variety of stretching methods.


-  Workouts adapted to individuals needs and limitations.


Your Health Matters Health & Wellness NUTRITION

The Your Health Matters Nutrition 2 day intensive program is designed to take participants a step at a time towards optimum health and wellness through healthy eating and fitness for life.


Participants put into practice and learn pro-active healthcare, how to lower cholesterol, blood pressure, improve bone health, decrease stress, prevent and reverse degenerative diseases and more.


All nutrition classes are taught by Nancy Stilson-Herzog, a certified health and wellness coach.


Option 1

2 Your Health Matters Exercise Classes per week


Members $150 / Non-Members $200


Option 2

Your Health Matters Nutrition Class only, 2 day intensive


Members $180 / Non-Members $180


For more class options go to and click on the Program & Classes tab and YHM Options.


For more information contact Nancy @ 970 - 231 - 7201

Nancy Stilson-Herzog

Founder, Fitter Fort Collins

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