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Ken O'Conner

Mobile Yoga owner Ken O’Connor is a Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist with 10 Years experience in Power Flow Yoga. Mobility training helps people make breakthroughs in their physical capabilities and performance.

The More Mobile Yoga system was developed to introduce an effective mobility fitness program that enhances joint health and longevity.

More Mobile Yoga puts the focus on foundational movement concepts to develop improved flexibility, strength and resilience right where it counts most. Prepare to unlock your full movement potential with training emphasis on muscular control, joint range of motion, central nervous system connectivity, blood flow and other key aspects of your health.  This training is perfect for anyone feeling aches and pains during their fitness journey.

Learn the training secrets that will keep you in the game for longer and stronger. Develop a better understanding of how your muscle and joint tissue react to new stress. Create a more resilient and responsive approach towards your fitness goals for life. 

For more information please visit my website, or call me at 201-925-6200.

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