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Nancy Stilson-Herzog

Nancy Stilson-Herzog, founder of Fitter Fort Collins and Your Health Matters Health and Wellness has and continues to help individuals understand how to obtain good health through healthy living.


A Personal Trainer and Health and Wellness Coach Nancy Holds Certifications and Designations Through:

-  American Aerobics Association International (AAAI)

-  International Sports Medicine Association (ISMA)

-  World Peace Diet Facilitator

-  Vegetarian Health Institute Mastery Program

-  Wellness Forum Health and Wellness Coach

-  Dr. John McDougall's Starch Solution Wellness Certification

-  Rossiter - Advanced Certified Pain Slayer 

-  Myofascial  Anatomy Trains Training


As an advocate for good health, Nancy focuses on improving your lifestyle, whether it is on an individual or group level. She helps you a step at a time and bridges the gaps between exercise, nutrition and behavior modification.


Specialties Include:

-  Working with individuals starting an exercise program

-  Helping clients achieve weight loss

-  Helping clients improve chronic pain

-  Off-ice conditioning for figure skaters

-  Plyometric training

-  Core, agility and mobility training

-  Periodized programming for athletes

-  Pilates

-  Health and Wellness Coaching

-  Rossiter Connective Tissue - Stretching Coach

-  Health and Wellness Program development


Nancy has over 25 years of personal training and group fitness class experience.


For more information please visit my website, or call me @ 970 - 231 - 7201.

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